Crucible Storyboard
Updated: 10/22/2018
Crucible Storyboard
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  • Lust
  • I want you
  • I want you but this feels wrong
  • Hysteria 
  • What are y'all seeing ????
  • Ahhhh! We see birds! Birds I Tell you!
  • Lies & Depict
  • My god I can't belive this
  • We all see the devil Mr. Parris he has come seen us and tibitua too
  • This scene is lust because they madeout and had a talk about their love for each other but they felt like it was wrong 
  • Pride
  • John sign the agreement that you did see the devil
  • No I rather die than tell the whole town something that didn't happen
  • This scene is hysteria because when one girl acted like they seen a bird all the girls did. They really exaggerated it and made it seem like they were actually seeing birds
  • Reputation
  • You must be lying to me Mr. Proctor 
  • Me and Abigail know each other very well and have done things 
  • This scene is lies because none of the girls really sees the devil they just don't wanna be hung or go to jail. They are all just trying to save themselves from the towns leader
  • Redemption
  • I am going to heaven guys by telling the truth and not saying that i saw withcraft
  • This scene is pride because john proctor will not sign a document that says he say witches because he has too much pride to ruin his own name to save his life
  • This scene is reputation because John Proctor has to ruin his reputation by telling the town that he had an affair with Abigail Williams
  • This scene is redemption because after all the bad things that happened to john proctor he finally tells the truth of what happened and he believes that he will go to heaven
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