newtons laws

Updated: 1/9/2019
newtons laws

Storyboard Text

  • According to Newton's First Law, an object in motion will stay in motion and an object at rest will stay at rest until acted upon by an unbalanced force.
  • First Law
  • When the car, going at a fast speed, hit the tree, the person inside of the car that didn't have a seat belt on, went flying out of the car.
  • This happened because the car was stopped by and unbalanced force(the tree), but the person inside of the car, didn't have anything to stop him so he stayed in motion.
  • According to Newton's Second Law, Force= Mass*Acceleration
  • Second Law
  • It only takes one person to push a small box across the floor, it takes two people to push a bigger and heavier box across the floor.
  • This happens because the smaller box which has less mass, needs less acceleration causing less force and more force for the box that has more acceleration and mass.
  • According to Newton's Third Law, For every action there is and equal and opposite reaction.
  • Third Law
  • When the ice skater pushed off of each other, they both went an equal distance in an opposite direction.
  • This happened because when the action occurred (the girls pushing off of each other) it caused a reaction of the girls sliding back in the opposite direction.