Updated: 2/17/2021

Storyboard Text

  • We don’t want to go
  • “ Six benches were left empty in every shipthat evening when we pulled away from death.”
  • “ those who ate this honeyed plant, the Lotus, never cared to report, nor to return:they longed to stay forever, browsing onthat native bloom, forgetful of their homeland.”
  • “When all these chores were done, he poked the fire, heaping on brushwood. In the glare he saw us.”
  • “ In a smithy one sees a white-hot axehead or an adzeplunged and wrung in a cold tub, screeching steam— the way they make soft iron hale and hard—:just so that eyeball hissed around the spike.”
  • “ the master stroked each ram, then let it pass,but my men riding on the pectoral fleecethe giant’s blind hands blundering never found.”
  • “At this he stretched his hands out in his darkness toward the sky of stars, and prayed Poseidon”