The Odyssey Test.
Updated: 2/4/2021
The Odyssey Test.

Storyboard Text

  • Odysseus finds a cave and goes into looking for shelter.The cave however, is home to a cyclops.The cyclops finds them and holds them hostage,so he can eat them.Odysseus tells the cyclops that they are his guests and that he should treat them well.He then goes onto to convince them that they are just visiting and do not instead any harm.The Cyclops is weary but agrees.
  • We're home!Finally!
  • Odysseus tells his crew to give the cyclops some wine form their ship.The cyclops agrees to drink some wine and become drunk and tried.Odysseus then tells the cyclops that his name is Nohbdy. He does this to trick the Cyclopes since it was told by a prophecy that he will kill or hurt a Cyclops.
  • After the cyclops drank the wine and became drunk.Odysseus and his crew find a log to blind him in the eye.They then use this to confuse the cyclops by dressing themselves up in sheep wool.This plan goes accordingly and they leave the island with Odysseus foolishly telling the cyclops his name. The cyclops told Poseidon to make them stranded, and he did.
  • After nearly twenty years, Odysseus is finally on the shores of his home land.The land was not kept properly due to the vile suitors for his wife Penelope,wanting their hand in marriage due to them thinking Odysseus was dead.The suitors ravaged the land and Penelope was in charge of taking care of them,and tried to hold them off.
  • When he finally makes it to shore he is greeted by Athena.Athena tells him a plan on how to make the suitors "leave".She then turns him into a beggar and tells him to go into his house as a beggar.The plan is to go into his house as a beggar and trick the suitors into doing a test that he knows he will succeed in.This test is to shoot a bow.
  • After Odysseus go's into the house, he is bullied by the vile suitors. Penelope and her son Telemachus then ask the beggar who he is.The suitors then go and challenge him o a dual of shooting arrows with Odysseus bow.Since the bow was his he preformed perfectly and even killed all of the suitors with the help of Athena. and lived together as a family.