Great Depression
Updated: 3/13/2020
Great Depression

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  • We are going through something called a business cycle, it's taking us through economic growth, then to decline and panic which we are in but soon we will be on the road to recovery
  • yes son we couldn't afford the house anymore.
  • Dad what's been going on lately why has everything seemed so sad.
  • Is this why we had to move to Hooverville
  • We need the New Deal to go through so badly today little Dan was asking why we had too move to Hooverville . I want to be able to be back in our own home.
  • you need public works to fer you some extra money
  • then I wouldn't be able to stand in the breadline and that's about out only source of food currently.
  • just wait now they are predicting a black blizzard what would we do
  • Well that's what would probably happen because desertification would definitely occur.
  • I don't think the towns can deal with anymore depopulation,
  • Im not sure if we had a demogouge I could see people finding a way to leave.
  • I don't think anyone could leave though, most people would get evicted before they could actually choose themself to win
  • Im just glad to goverm,ent realized it's a welfare state currently
  • Im just glad they are sarting to put laws in place like the National industrial discovery act