Camera Storyboard By Ramy Labidi and Jack Hoover
Updated: 1/31/2020
Camera Storyboard By Ramy Labidi and Jack Hoover
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  • I have a problem, I hate drawing pictures so much,. 
  • Don't worry, I can fix your issue
  • I will use my new invention to take a picture of you
  • Thank you so much! You are the best
  • How has the camera benefited your life?
  • Painting takes way too much time and money.
  • The camera has improved my life because it is more efficient and enjoyable.
  • One day in the streets, a guy name Bob went up to Ramidus and complained about drawing too much. He ranted on about how painting takes up way too much of his time and money, and he didn't have enough money. However, Ramidus had a solution to this.
  • This camera can take a more accurate image of you than a portrait!
  • Cool! We want one!
  • Hold still. I'm trying to capture an image to send to your family.
  • Now we transition to how Ramidus's invention worked out. Instead of sitting down and sketching on a blank sheet of paper, all he has to do is angle the position of his camera and take a picture. His customer, Mary, is very pleased by this masterpiece.
  • Thanks! My mom told she really wanted to see my vacation pictures.
  • Now we have a customer on the field answering a question from my employer about how the camera has benefited his life. It turns out, there are a lot of positive impacts coming out from this tiny piece of equipment.
  • The camera is the best!!!!
  • You won't regret buying this masterpiece.
  • Now we have one of my customers explaining how the camera works. Apparently, it can take accurate images than a portrait, and this piece of information draws people in to buy it.
  • Now we fast forward many years later, and the camera is making steady progress. Today, cameras have became an integral part of our everyday lives and help people connect with each other because they help us create and preserve memories of historical value. Therefore, cameras are crucial in protecting history.
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