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Updated: 4/27/2020
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  • Hi! My name is John and I am a ranger here at Yellowstone. Today I wanted to talk about populations.
  • Grizzly bears are one population that is important here in Yellowstone. Their population has fluctuated over time due to many factors.
  • For example, if there were too many bears, there would be no fish or berries left to eat.
  • The carrying capacity of an environment is the maximum population it can support.
  • Limiting Reactants include natural disasters, like forest fires, human interactions with bears, food availability, and competition with other species.
  • Some factors affect the population of grizzly bear species here. They are known as limiting reactants.
  • For example, we have lots of campers here at Yellowstone. Sometimes they leave trash, which the bears eat. This can lead to a decrease in the Grizzly population because of sicknesses and injuries they can get from the foods and packaging.
  • If the trout population here increases, the bear population also increases because of the increased food supply.
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