Act IV Summary

Updated: 5/12/2020
Act IV Summary

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  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Scene One
  • Scene Two
  • ACT IV SummaryBy Isabella Moore
  • Scene Three
  • In Scene One, Juliet goes to see Friar in his cell and expresses to him that she doesn't want to marry Paris because she loves Romeo, they devise a plan to get around the wedding so she can happily go be with Romeo.
  • Scene Four
  • In Scene Two, Juliet and the nurse speak with Lord Capulet on Juliet's excitement for marrying Paris and how the wedding will be pushed up and that they will be married much sooner for their benefits.
  • Scene Five
  • In Scene Three, Juliet retreats to her chamber where she says she is resting when really she lays praying that the poison and the plan work as her and Friar hoped, although she is very nervous.
  • In Scene Four, the nurse and one of the fellows begin to quickly prepare, the fellowmen gets pushy and asks for Juliet to be awoken now.
  • In Scene Five, the nurse and Lady Capulet find Juliet in her chambers "dead" they are very upset and are concerned of what happened. However Juliet isn't actually dead, just sleeping due to the poison.