Using Social Networks & Technology
Updated: 7/22/2020
Using Social Networks & Technology
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  • Hey Shocked Girl, check out what I found digging deep into Facebook pictures of Dancing Joey!
  • Wow those comments are very mean and humiliating for our friend. You shouldn't be looking that stuff up Mean Guy Dan!
  • What's going on over there? You two should be outside playing kick ball with the rest of the class!
  • Oh please Shocked Girl, what he doesn't know won't harm h-
  • Greetings, tis I, Mr. Nickels!
  • Oh No It's that old teacher guy whose always trying to teach us stuff!
  • Hi Mr. Nickels!
  • Dan, were you using social media irresponsibly?
  • oh boy...detention 4 life
  • We use social media like Twitter and Facebook for all sorts of good things!
  • And I'll be good too, Mr. Nickels. I promise!!
  • Sounds good Mr. Nickels. I'll try and use social media for more than just cat videos!
  • So guys it's our online duty to be using social media for good, and not for evil or poor Online Citizenship! It's our ethical responsibility!
  • There's so much more to explore on websites like those than for just cat videos.
  • Perfect! Now let's go back to kick ball or I'll lock you two in for detention for the rest of your lives!
  • Facebook, gives us communication, and videos to educate us. Twitter allows for a conversation over ANY topic. Pinterest has all sorts of fun activities to do! Lastly apps like TikTok have tutorial videos to teach you how to do anything through a step by step process...more than just dancing.
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