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English Fictional Narrative Storyboard
Updated: 3/27/2019
English Fictional Narrative Storyboard
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Made by Leah Atienza

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • This will be awesome!
  • Welcome to the site guys!
  • The Inciting Incident
  • Woah, what is this?
  • Some Rising Action
  • AAAHHHHH!!!!
  • Who are you?!
  • Sabrina is a 14 year old junior archaeologist, with archaeologist parents who bring her to all of their expeditions. The world is a mainly happy place in the year 2300, except for the furtive, yet mainly inactive group P.I.S.A.D. which has a goal of taking over the world. Her parents take her to Chichen Itza, where there are a lot of historical mysteries to uncoverIt's like all of her other digs, exciting when you find something, and sometimes not. She is staying there for a month, as their family does with most excavations.
  • Rising Action and Conflict.
  • Joanne, check out if it is harmful to our plans, and if it can be used for our needs and wants.
  • High power readings and suspicious activity have been located at somewhere in Mexico, sir.
  • On the tenth day of Sabrina's stay, she and her fellow archaeologist find a buried, ancient building covered with sand. By the end of the day it was found, the building was empties of dust and sand, but it was late. It was time to go home and rest, but Sabrina was too excited. She snuck of in the middle of the night, and went inside, and discovered a gigantic stone box. She opens it, even though she knows that there might be dangerous things in there. A flash of light appears, and magical shapes and colors fill the air.
  • Falling Action
  • I need that magic box, or else we'll have to take it from you!
  • Sabrina finds out that it wasn't just weird magic that popped out of a box; there was a teenage boy from the past too! Sabrina is hiding that she went to the site, and is disguising him as a normal person, and educating him about the present. This person turns out to be a guide that comes from the box, who is supposed to help the owner of the box use the magic that is getting out of control. Sabrina brings him to the dig site to show him what has happened since he was sealed into the box, asks him about the past, and learns magic to defend herself and spread its usage around the world. They also try to capture the loose magic released around Chichen Itza.
  • Resolution
  • You'r Chichen Itza, Mexico. You were having a look around. Can I give you a tour?
  • Hi Joanne! Do you remember me?
  • Sorry, but I don't. Can you tell me where I am, and what I'm doing here?
  • P.I.S.A.D. hasn't been inactive as previously thought, but has been monitoring the world to find any opportunities for them to take over the world or anything to make them stronger. The captain of P.I.S.A.D. isJohn. His assistant, Joanne, has tracked the powerful magic coming from Sabrina's adventure, and has been sent to investigate and take it. She flies over there, and tries to sneakily steal it and use disguises.
  • Joannae's impatience takes over her action. She musters some of her guards to fight them, and asks Sabrina to surrender. She doesn't and uses magic, alongside Carl, the teenage boy, to defeat them and wipe their memories of P.I.S.A.D.
  • This magic power shall not go to some evil person like you!
  • Joanne's mind is completely erased of P.I.S.A.D. She starts a new life, starting with being friends with Sabrina. Sabrina tells her family about what happened, but they don't believe her. Sabrina introduces Carl to them saying he's a friend that is an orphan. They adopt him, and continue going on dig sites together, as a family. The rest of P.I.S.A.D. are confused that Joanne isn't communicating with them, so they dismiss their hopes about the box, assuming it's too dangerous for even them to have, as Joanne was one of their best agents. Everything else continues on normally.
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