Cupid and Psyche - 1

Updated: 5/21/2020
Cupid and Psyche - 1

Storyboard Text

  • With the help of an eagle, Psyche was able to retrieve the black water of Styx, the river that separates the Underworld and Earth.
  • Your next task is to travel to the Underworld and ask Persephone for some of her beauty to put inside this box.
  • Yes!
  • So... you need me to fill this box with some of my beauty?
  • Psyche's curiosity got the best of her. What she had done in the past few days certainly didn't make her beautiful, so she opened to box to use some of it on herself. When she opened the box, it was empty and Psyche fell into a deep sleep.
  • Cupid, who had missed Psyche terribly, came forward and returned the sleep into the box. Then, he told her to take the box to Aphrodite. Cupid, on the other hand, went to Zeus to ask if Psyche could become a goddess.
  • Zeus then announced that Cupid and Psyche were formally married. Aphrodite could no longer object as Psyche was immortal now and people could return to Aphrodite's temple. In the end, Psyche (meaning Soul) and Cupid (meaning Love) were together at last.