Kristin McGee's A Christmas Carol story bored
Updated: 12/18/2019
Kristin McGee's A Christmas Carol story bored
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  • In the beginning of A Christmas Carol Scrooges Nephew comes to ask scrooge if he would like to have dinner with him and how scrooge always declines the invitations. Bod (Scrooges "partner") says his nephews argument was great and scrooges reply was, you can keep our Christmas but not your situation. Which means he is threatening to fire him.
  • Later that night Jacob Marley's ghost appeared in Scrooge's room to warn him that three spirits where going to visit him that night.
  • When the clock strikes one the ghost of Christmas past appeared and showed Scrooge memories of his past. Then The ghost of Christmas present showed Scrooge things that where happening in his time.
  • Then finally the ghost of Christmas future took Scrooge to the future to show him what was happening there. In the future a really wealthy hated man died Scrooge when with the spirit to a room with a cloth covering a body. Scrooge refused to take of the cover like to ghost asked. He instead closed his eyes and bagged for forgiveness.
  • Ebenezer Scrooge
  • When Scrooge opened his eyes he was back in his own room. Scrooge ran to the window and asked a little boy what today was and he said it was Christmas . Scrooge then asked him to go get the biggest turkey from the poulter's so he can send it to Bob Cratchit.
  • In the a the evening scrooge went to have dinner with his nephew and niece. Scrooge was now very plight and happy to everyone. The next day when Bod came into work he gave him a raise and offered to help support Tiny Tim.
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