Be Careful with Snap Maps!
Updated: 3/15/2021
Be Careful with Snap Maps!

Storyboard Text

  • Heya how you going? I'm JohnWhat you up to?
  • Oh hey, umm yeah I'm ok. Just passing time and checking Snapchat while waiting for the bus.
  • Oh cool! I just thought you were cute and wanted to come and say hi. Want to me Snapchat buddies?
  • Yeah sure. This is my username
  • Umm a bit weird, but he's cute
  • Cool. Well I got to go. See you later!
  • Hey are you ok?
  • Ughh yeah I'm ok. This John guy won't stop messaging me. I better see what he wants
  • 15 Notifications: Snapchat from John_Stones24
  • Don't try ignore me. I know exactly where you are right now.
  • Noo why do you even use that?! You need to sort that out now!
  • Oh my gosh girl he's stalking me through snapmaps!
  • Fine if don't want to reply, then I will have to come to you
  • oh no this can't be real! Well turn off snapmaps and let's get security!
  • I'm freaking out. He's coming here! What do I do?!