The veldt
Updated: 8/28/2018
The veldt
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  • Exposition
  • Conflict
  • Rising Action
  • The first part of the story happens in the kitchen with George Hadley and his wife lydia . They were talking about the nursery which is a room full of technology like a VR and the kids can change it to be where ever . The whole house is used by technology and does everything for them up to brushing their teeth .
  • Climax
  • George and Lydia walk into the room and find that is looks like Africa. There are lions eating something dead and they can see bones far in the distance and see voluters. They are going to call a psychologist.
  • Falling Action
  • The psychologist and george are one the phone and george tells David Mclean to come over and check out the room. When David got there he looked at the room and told them that there kids need therapy everyday . George and Lydia set down at the table to eat when the Peter and Wendy came home and George told the kids no more Africa and the kids just acted like they had know idea what he was talking about.
  • Reslaution
  • When George went into the room he saw a green ,lovey forest with purple mountains and a river. So he told the kids to go to bed but after he turned around and was his old walet and it had blood on the sides and smelled like lions and the hot grass. When George and lydia were in bed they could sleep but just then they heard a scream so they went down there and saw wendy's scarf that also had blood on it and was ripped so George locked the door .
  • The next day George and lydia told the kids that they were going to take a vacation and turn off the house. Peter freaked out and had a fit. George had called David an told him to come over and that they were goign to take a vacation and so George went and changed clothes and when he came back down he and lydia told the kids they could have one last time in the nursery for a while so then the kid asked if George and lydia could come into the room but then the kids locked the door so they were stuck.
  • Than George and lydia told the kids to let them out but the kids didn't answer. David McClean came in and asked where George and lydia were and the kids said that they were up stairs and be down in a minute. Than mr.McClean saw lions in the distance and fighting and chewing on something then they saw valuers goign down to the leftovers of what the lions where eating. In silence wendy asked if anyone wanted a cup of tea.
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