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Updated: 1/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • "Need a Ride"
  • "Got to run. See ya."
  • This scene is when Carl arrives to pick them up for school.
  • This is when Carl is driving them to the school and stops behind the 7-11.
  • Hola Senor Parks. Donde estas
  • Yo soy en la clase de epanol
  • This is when Digger takes the can of coke and JT takes the caramel sweets from the ambulance and Brady is waving goodbye to Mindy and Carl.
  • Yeah sure
  • Is mom okay?
  • This is when Brady sees JTs younger sister signing in late at the front office and she waves at him and he points to her broken ankle.
  • This is when Senora Mendez asks where he is and he tells her that he is in Spanish class and then he get called to the front office on the intercom.
  • This is when he thinks something bad happened to his family and then his dad tells him that Ben and Mrs. DiAngelo are missing on the river with the red kayak.