president role
Updated: 11/4/2020
president role

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  • This is the white house, where the president lives and conducts his work
  • The president has many responsibilities, like commander in chief, chief legislator. chief executive, Head of political part, chief of state, chief Guardian of the economy, Chief Diplomat. These are the responsibilities of the president and they are very important.
  • One job that the president has is the chief legislator, this role influences congress into lawmaking. Has little control over what bills are passed or voted, although can give opinion on bills. Another is the chief executive. he chooses the leaders to help enforce laws in the executive branch.
  • Head of political party helps get the members of his political party elected or appointed to office. The chief of state role is to be a great leader to ones state and the people in it. And finally chief guardian of the economy is expected to help the economy run smoothly, they should be concerned about high taxes, unemployment etc.
  • Commander in chief is in command of the armed forces. decides where they should be stationed and also controls all the weapons that can be used. a similar role is chief diplomat, with help from advisors he makes foreign policy of the U.S
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