Updated: 5/31/2021

Storyboard Text

  • No, but there's someone who can. I need revenge, Louis.
  • You are completely crazy, he is the most powerful man in the city !!
  • We are normal people, we can not do anything about all of this !!
  • I know Louis, I know
  • The bigger they are, the harder they fall John, never forget it.
  • Can you do it?
  • He is very powerful, it's not going to be easy
  • Of course, if you pay
  • Hi?
  • We have an errand
  • Yes, I'll explain you and Steve everything. See you in 15 minutes
  • Yes, maybe a couple of calm months, and...I think we can achieve more...
  • Mmm, are we talking about one of your ideas?
  • Oh yes, finally!!! Is it well paid? I reaaally need to eat something good, Steve cooks horribly 
  • Ey! that's not true
  • Oh my god, shut up!! I'm hearing you from the outside
  • It's not my fault!! this man drives me mad. Of course you need me in your plans!!! And I cook incredibly good!!
  • You only do basic tasks, and we always have to save you!!
  • Uff, we don't have time for this. Steve, your food is disgusting and, Gale, I am the one who saves you both. Now, stop being so childish and listen to me, it's gonna be a long night
  • This is the plan...
  • Firstly, Steve will climb the building until he reaches this man's window. You have to take some photos in which he looks really angry, I will call him pretending I'm a telephone company...
  • NO!! I don't want to purchase a new TV
  • So I only do basic tasks huh?? 
  • This is too high!!