The work

Updated: 6/19/2020
The work

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  • Stop it that old man is a nice guy he didn't do nothing to use so live him out of this.
  • I think it's probably that it's that guy that lives next to use because you notice how close he used to get to use with his big red eyes he still didn't move from that house it's mad old
  • Yeah
  • wow It's been a long time we come here
  • people are disappearing and eaten but nobody knows who or what is doing this.
  • Do you think that who ever did that have to do with are parents death.
  • ok but i still think that old man could have done this.
  • come because if you didn't come i am go by my self. so come
  • how about we go ask him how did he get his eyes like that.
  • Fine cause i didn't want noting to happen to you .
  • no are you crazy that man looks scary i do not want to go to that creepy house
  • Yes I am sure about this stop being sacred.
  • Are you sure about this