The work

Updated: 6/22/2020
The work

Storyboard Text

  • ok
  • That man is very scary.
  • hey there i hared you wanted to ask me something. come inside.
  • we wanted to ask how your eyes got so big.
  • I can I use your bathroom
  • he's looking angry
  • i didn't want to talk about.
  • Yeah sure it's right at the end of the hall way.
  • It's that blood I see
  • oh my god those are died people. Ben was right this guy is a murder I have to go tell him
  • he's at the kitchen making tomato souse.
  • I knew it let's call the police.
  • You was right that guy is really a killer there are died body's in the the bathtub
  • where is he
  • you did good calling the cops because those are the body's we where looking.
  • think you officer cause if it was in't cause you came fast we probably would be died
  • You will come