the choice

Updated: 9/7/2021
the choice

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  • exposition
  • yes mom there fine
  • do you like these pants.
  • rising action
  • yes
  • do you like the pants
  • rising action 2.0
  • WOW WOW WOW you are rich
  • zander is in a thrift store with his mom and is buying some clothes for school. zander does not want to be at the thrift store, then a kid from school comes in her name is Nicole and she is with her mom. Nicole and her mom go to the picture frames. and zander says the pants his mom is holding are ok and says he wants to go outside over to his friend yuri and Xavier.
  • climax
  • the next day in the morning zander put on the pants from the thrift store and finds in the back pocket a real super extensive ring with a big diamond and rubes. zander's mom knocked on the door and asked "do the jeans fit." zander said yes and when to school with the ring and kept it hidden all day.
  • falling acction
  • rings fake kid
  • I fuond the ring
  • ladder when zander got home he showed the ring to his friends yuri and Xavier. Xavier said now that you are rich I hope you remember us that you are rich. yuri asked are you going to keep it Xavier said of cores he is a finder keeps it's the way the world works. for the next few days we became experts on carat and shape we died that my ring was real and worth thousands. ladder the next few days we brainstormed some stuff I I might get.
  • resoulution
  • after the rising action of learning about the ring, yuri said that I should give it back because someone might really need it. so I spent the next day looking out the window for people who might have lost the ring I saw a grandma, a guy, and a mom. then I saw a poster on the wall of a ring that I had so I went down to the store and talked to the man at the counter I need to speak with however wrote that poster. the counter guy said that the ring was fake and that I am a returner.
  • the ring i have
  • so the counter guy had hidden the ring in the I went through all that trouble for nothing. counter guy said not for nothing you have could have kept that but you dident.
  • I ran out of the store mad I can believe that ring was fake. I was over the trash can about to thought it away when I realized that I might keep it. Mabey I will give it to my mom or my friends it might not be worth money but it is worth time.
  • mabey I will give this ring to my mom