Updated: 5/18/2020

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  • Once upon a time... there was a beautiful maiden named Medusa
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  • Although there were many other beautiful ladies, Medusa was the most beautiful and she was very proud of her beauty.
  • Everyday, she would spend most of time admiring herself. Whenever she saw herself in a reflection, she'd fall in love with herself.
  • I'm so beautiful! No one compares to me...
  • One day, Medusa and her friends went to visit the Parthenon. At the parthenon, people praised and thanked Athena for inspiring and looking over them.
  • Oh, look at me.. I'm gorgeous!
  • In the Parthenon, all Medusa paid attention to was her reflection and how beautiful she looked.
  • This is a beautiful temple but... it's a shame that it's been wasted on Athena...
  • Since I am much prettier... perhaps one day, people will build a better temple for me...