Computer Virus Cartoon
Updated: 11/4/2020
Computer Virus Cartoon

Storyboard Text

  • Good evening everyone: My name is Donald Trump and I am running for my second term in the Presidential debate.
  • Debate Gone Wrong: The Trogan Horse Story By:Makayla Sweet
  • Good evening my name is Elizabeth and I will be your moderator. You will have 2 minutes to talk. 
  • Good evening my name is Joe Biden and I am trying to become President.
  • The Debate 
  •  As the last debate I will talk about Covid, and health care.
  • Good evening my name is Lilly and I will be your moderator .
  • As today, our last debate I hope to accomplish these characteristics. Covid and health care.
  • Voting Day: The Trogan Horse 
  • Ecusse me sir, is you computer working
  • No!
  • Thank you to all who is joining me today at the White House. As all of you know none of the polls were working yesterday. This is know as the Trogan Horse Virus.As known right now this virus has gotten into our system by someone opening that email attachment . But please don't be alarmed because my team and I are going to make sure the new system is up to date. Thank you all who was watching and I hope this info helps ya'll . Polls will be reopen tomorrow. Vote Trump!
  • In this scene you have the Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden in your second to final debate with the moderater Elizabeth Smith.
  • Address the situation
  • In scene 2 the final debate is going on.
  • Voting day 
  • In scene 3 people have started to vote but it is going down hill because of the Trogan Virus. 
  • Who won 
  • In scene 4 Donald Trump is talking about the situation of the Trogan Horse Virus. He is saying some facts, for example, It is named after the Greek Wooden Horse. It can not self-replicate. It can deleted,blocked, modify and copy data. It can also disrupt the preformances of the computer.This happens by opening an email attachement that was sent. You can stop the virus by updating your devices with a anti-virus protection program, do not open suspicious emails, especially from email addresses you do not know. Finally delete any spam emails.
  • In scene 5 people are finally to vote and they are happy that they got inform of the situation.
  • In the last scene people are wondering who won the election.