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Updated: 9/23/2019
mrs waters
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  • christopher columbus
  • alonzo alarez de pineda
  • hernan cortes
  • october 1492 An italian exporer for spain landed in the americas he was looking for a faster and safer route to asia
  • cabeza de vaca
  • 1519 penada set out to map the coast of the gulf of mexico he became the first european to map the texas coast
  • coronodo
  • 1519 corteze with the help of aztec anemyes the spanish were able to overthrow the aztecs
  • robert lasal
  • 1528 cadaza davaca and his men were cought in a heracane on galviesto iland he and sevral men traveld frome tribe to tibe as medisen men until the reached mexico city he told a ''story'' of soblola the city of gold
  • 1540 coranodo and 1000 men went to serach for they city of gold the found the grand canon and the pacific osean and present day kansas but htey never found the city of gold they thought it was a falear and spain egnored texas over 100 years
  • 1685 ment to setal out the missisipy river but landed at madagroda bay texas he started with four hunderd pepole meny dided from drout dazez and indian attacs by 1687 45 remand and they left for canada he was killed by his owen men because they blamed him and only 7 of them were left when they got to canada.
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