Updated: 1/27/2020
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  • The Geography of Mesoamerica
  • MesoAmerica
  • The Olmec
  • Who put this here it ain't mine
  • Olmec Legacy
  • There were two main geographic features in MesoAmerica. They were highlands and lowlands. The highlands were fairly fertile and flat while the lowlands had lots of rivers and had very fertile soil. The people who lived in MesoAmerica knew agriculture and learned how to do techniques such as slash and burn.
  • Zapotec and Monte Alban
  • The Olmec relied on rivers to flood the soil and give them fertile soil. They built cities and pyramids and they also invented a game of basketball and soccer. There was a sort of feudal system in the Olmec culture it was Rulers then priest then merchants then artists and workers and farmers were at the bottom.
  • Maya
  • In the 400 B.C. the Olmec civilization disappeared, despite this their culture lived on. The Olmec established trading routes and people followed their culture. Many civilizations were influenced by their art and religious practices.
  • Classical Maya
  • The Zapotec lived in the valleys. This area was fertile with its river, mild climate, and abundant rainfall, made it great for tending to crops. Soon after Monte Albán was made and it was and the new center of power, the old center was Son Jose Mogote. It overlooked the valley and helped maintain defense. The Zapotec believed that if they were to place gold on the dead they brought gold with them, so they did that to show that the people who died had power.
  • The Maya civilization arrived around the same time of the Zapotec. There were four different main classes. The kings at the top. Then the priest and warrior. Then merchants and craftspeople. While the wealthy enjoy luxury the farmers spend their days out in the sun doing grueling work. They also believed alot in gods, so they praised them so they had good harvests.
  • There were many separate Maya city, but most of them had the same style or layout with temples, pyramids, palaces, and temples. The Maya were very cultured and they built temples to play a type of ball game. Not only that they made stone slabs to honor their kings and they were passed down from generation to generation.
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