Updated: 10/27/2020

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  • Yes I know that hurricanes are scary but they happen. The hurricane is well, now. On the news it reported that one is heading right towards Bermuda.
  • first- Oh wow that´s crazy. What was the biggest hurricane dad?
  • The biggest one was back in 1969 which was called Hurricane Camille. It was reported that it went about 190 miles per hour!
  • Wait but is there anything we can do that can stop it or slow it down?
  • I hate seeing you like this sweetheart. But we cannot because we are not scientists. They can only slow it down by using these special crystals. Besides that the only thing we can do is when one would come to pack lots of supplies and help people in need.
  • Is there anyway how humans like impact the earth to make Hurricanes happen?
  • No humans don´t impact Hurricanes. That is the good thing but Hurricanes still do happen.
  • You know what since this is a scary topic you deserve some ice cream!!
  • Yayyy thank you dad. I love learning about Hurricanes and can´t wait to learn more in school!!
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