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Unknown Story
Updated: 11/10/2020
Unknown Story
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  • We all were in shock, a minute ago we were relaxing before our trip and now we are in an old house with people coming back to kill us. What were we supposed to do, I started looking around when I see one window. This could be our only option so I tell the guys "What if we try and escape from the window". It looked like they all had considered that idea because they all agreed immediately. We went out one by one and because we were super skinny it was not a struggle climbing out of the window.
  • Guys let's go through the window.
  • We finally all escaped so we ran as fast as we could to where our boat was. But when we almost arrived to our boat I heard a gunshot, it was the men and they had gotten Ismail. I ran back as fast as I could I tried picking him up and running but it was too difficult. Both Ismail and I knew he was going to die but I could accept it. Until Ismail said "GO, and protect the boys. I'm going to be okay".
  • "No, I will not allow that to happen" I said. How was I supposed to leave my best friend alone, I had to do something! " Listen to me please, just know that I am glad that we are and always will be best friends. Read the bible your dad gave you and preach the word of the Lord. God will ALWAYS be looking out for you". I was scared and confused, I wanted to listen but I couldn't. Right then Ismail took out a bible from his pocket and gave to me. Right then he died.
  • I have to go get him
  • I grabbed the bible and RAN, tears were falling like crazy but I had to listen to Ismail. When I got on the boat everyone was silent, I forgot all about the crocodiles that roaming around, all I could remember was Ismail's death. We got to the camp in the next 10 days but it felt pretty fast, I was just happy that I was finally going to be able to relax and take a break from all the chaos.
  • 6 YEARS LATERI was now 20 years old and had to leave the refugee camp. There was no way to stay here because the solders would fire their guns until every single person would leave. Now we were heading to Kenya, I was worried that the same thing that happened the first time would happen again but this time it went more smoothly and faster. It felt like it took 2 days but in real life it took 2 years.
  • You should come to youth group
  • When we arrived to the camp we unpacked and were relieved we were finally there. I had made a plan when I was walking which was to complete what Ismail had told me to do. So when I got there I decided to talk to some knew people about how they were doing and I really got to know them. At the end of every conversation I would invite to come to a youth group I was making so they could learn and also have fun.
  • Yea, Sounds good.
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