3/5 compromise
Updated: 2/12/2021
3/5 compromise

Storyboard Text

  • At the Philadelphia Convention 1787, a question was asked by the South
  • That doesn't make sense, slaves are property
  • Do we count our slaves as part of our population?
  • Argument goes on and on
  • They aren't American citizens, they are also considered property since they are bought
  • Yes! We can count 3 out of 5 slaves as citizens when counting populations
  • They do live in our states and it makes sense to count them in
  • Brainstorming a Compromise
  • What if we create a compromise, where 3 out 5 slaves are counted
  • During the convention, the South (on the right) asked if slaves should be counted as part of the population because if they have more people in the southern states they get more representatives to have more power over the North since the North don't believe in slavery
  • The argument goes on and on and the south (on the right) nor the north (on the left) has come to an argeement
  • Counting the Population
  • 3 slaves and 1 white
  • Roger Sherman was brainstorming a compromise so it is a win for all
  • This is a vivid image of counting the population when there was still slaves, looked like