Language arts storyboard
Updated: 3/18/2020
Language arts storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, I am Piper. I am the one on your right with my hand outstretched.I am her brother Mark, when I talk, it looks like this.We live on a farm with a pond full of ducks. Recently, they have been eating some of our crops.
  • Hey Piper, how did all these plants get out into the middle of this big, grassy, field?Well Mark, there are many different ways that plants like this can get to places like here.
  • It all started with a duck. The duck ate the plant from our farm.Then the duck flew over this field and had to use the bathroom. So it pooped on the field.
  • What does duck poop have to do with anything?Well, when the duck pooped, the plant still remained intact. Even after passing through the animal's digestive system. Some plants have protective layers so that their seeds aren't digested
  • That's nice, but how is it going to get the ducks to stop eating our crops?We could maybe try getting them to come to this field. If we got them to eat the plants here, they wouldn't need to eat our crops anymore.
  • I think they like it!Just think, if this keeps up, the entire field will be covered in plants, the ducks are helping us farm!Quack!