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Road To The Revolution
Updated: 12/18/2018
Road To The Revolution
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  • The Road to Revolution By Ava Murnane
  • Starring Benjamin Frankiln
  • And American Patriots
  • The Proclamation of 1763
  • I just bought land! How could you despicable Brit's take away our precious land! The king shall not expect me to give my land up...ever!!
  • Here Here! This is violating our rights as American colonists because we fought for land for years and also won the French and Indian war so shouldn't we be able to move past the Appalachian Mountains! Those bloody Brit's!
  • The Stamp Act
  • This new law that the Brits have created is outrageous! Why should we be taxed when these laws were passed in England by Parliament with none of our own representation in government and not by our own colonial governments!
  • Here! Here! No taxation without representation!
  • Quartering Act
  • Where's my bedding, beer, and dinner you scrubby peasant! Chop Chop! And when you're on it heat up the fire place.
  • I'm no scrubby peasant! If anything you're the scrubby peasant! I have spent an extensive amount of my money paying for your terrible soul. My family and I feel violated by you and your red coat lobster back friends! I have spent all of this money on you and I could of used it on my much more important family rather than you. You are taking up our space and privacy!
  • The Intolerable Acts
  • No! I feel extremely violated because this is blocking us from selling and trading their goods with other people from different countries and us getting new goods imported from those other countries and it also prevented us from making money that we need to keep our families in good care.
  • I demand you get off this ship at once! The harbor is closed!
  • The Trump Act
  • *Sips facts not tea* The American Colonists came through all the hardships and success with liberty, freedom, and an excellent life overall. They built an invisible wall between themselves and Britain and the American colonists won! But now it is my turn too make America great again!
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