Unknown Story
Updated: 9/15/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Put her and her little friend in jail.
  • what is this? we have never had a human before
  • She thought how was she going to get out of here but then sees a door that said exit.
  • EXIT
  • You can not pass, go back now.GUARDS!!!
  • Do you know how to get out of here. I need to get out, my mum will be wanting me home.
  • I know a way, I will distract them, while you go to the exit but be careful there's a monster half way though the tunnel take a left and you will be home.
  • Thank you so much. but what about you.
  • Okay! bye!
  • Your welcome, don't worry about me, i'll be fine just promise to visit me. But hurry now, you could get there by dark if you hurry.
  • Exit
  • Hey, over here!