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The Trauma of Isolation PSA- Victoria Ellent
Updated: 10/5/2020
The Trauma of Isolation PSA- Victoria Ellent
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  • I know right?
  • You see a bunch of kids having trouble in school and it's hard for them to interact with others and you see them in the distance listening to converstations about themselves . These are pictures and enticing music is playing plus it fades out to next background from picture to picture. (Some pictures zoom in slightly)
  • A young girl is having trouble in school and it is hard for her to interact with others. Zoomed in shot, faded out to next background
  • Why does Sarah act this way ?
  • You see some of the same kids and some different kids at home or in their bedroom and they are crying, you can tell they feel super isolated and that that this has been going on for while. Some pictures zoom in slightly with full on emotion and fades to next background (from picture to picture) while sad music is playing.
  • In this panel you see some kids getting help and feeling a lot better about the overall sitiuation while working through their feelings. Still there are pictures and the music gradually different music is playing while the pictures fade into the next background from picture to picture.
  • Read ouloud by a narrator: Many people experinece isolation in some context and this trauma can come many forms that can lead to anxiexty, depression, and in severe cases PTSD, plus this trauma can lead to problems with friends and family. These examples can also be triggers of isolation or can cause you to feel even more isolated in an lasting effect. Anyone can experinece isolation weather you are an adult or not. Phychological trauma is not a straightfoward definition but, it is a type of trauma that you go through mentally and that can change you whole way of thinking, how you do things on a daily baisis and, someone's attitude altogther. (Pictures from the above 3 panels are shown on the screen of kids dealing with this trauma with calm music with this dictaion is happening).
  • Still outload with calm music: Sometimes isolation can not be dealt by personally by exercise, self-care, and maintaing healthy rountines. 3 out of 5 people experince isolation in some sort. Lots of celebrities experience isolation like Madonna and Lizzo. Many people like to talk through through their feeling and by doing so they reach out to a therapists or a professionals that can help them deal with this isolation. (other photos of isolation are shown with adults as well)Slogan: (on the screen by its self with no dictation)(Comes up with a special effect and energizing music plays as well) "Please don't be locked in from isolation".
  • Sees the name of an organization on the screen too: Graceview counseling center asks you to please reach out if you feel you need professional help (energizing music is playing still).
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