the colonies
Updated: 1/30/2021
the colonies

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  • Plymouth colony
  • Hello i'm a Separatists we are people who have been persecuted for our religion, but we got a charter on 1620 and set sail to Virginia on 1630 but were blown off course and then set sail to an area now know as the Plymouth colony
  • Hello im a separatist who had Left the church of england brecaudse I was pursucuited for my religus belifis so we
  • Massachusetts Bay colony
  • Hi i'm known as a puritan someone who disagreed with the church of England and wanted to change it. By 1629 we got a charter and set sail. We landed and then built up a civilization in hopes to purify the church of England.
  • Rhode Island
  • My name is Roger Williams and its nice to meet you. I'm someone who was persecuted by the Massachusetts Bay colony, and to me it just felt wrong. So on 1636 I bought land and established my own colony, it expand and got many settlers to go with similar beliefs.
  • Connecticut
  • Hello, I'm Reverend Thomas Hooker I'm a minister who got away from the Massachusetts Bay Colony to practice my own religious beliefs along with my wife and 60 followers where we settled in Hartford, where it is now known as Connecticut.
  • New Hampshire
  • I'm David Thomas in 1623 I decided to move North of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and started shipping lumber to England in 1630. We settled into an area now known as Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  • Settlers and Native Americans
  • Hello I'm a native American and what happened to us was all cause of the pilgrims. So what happened was we made peace but only for a little cause we realized what was truly happing so we lunched a surprise attack. This created The Pequot war and we lost are land, and everything we had