Oedipus the King – ERYL DELA CRUZ

Updated: 8/27/2020
Oedipus the King – ERYL DELA CRUZ

Storyboard Text

  • As Creon, Oedipus' brother in law, talks with him about the accusations against him. Later on, Oedipus and Jocasta, his wife, have a talk about how the past king died and about the prophecy of Oedipus. Oedipus was felt in confused and anxious about Jocasta's story seems very familiar to his memory.
  • Do not accuse me of such!
  • My past husband died because of thieves before you came
  • Things are starting to connect
  • Hmm?
  • Then, a messenger came to announce that Oedipus' father has died. He was in incredible happiness for the prophecy of his was not fulfilled. Until the messenger told him that King Polybus was not his father. And that he gave him away to the King and Queen with his own arms.
  • Your father, King Polybus, has died and wants you to reign the kingdom of Corinth.
  • Oedipus and the messenger came to shepherd to help and confirm his story. The shepherd said that he was left in the side of the mountains when he was in duty nearby. With pity, he gave him to the messenger who gave Oedipus to the King and Queen
  • Everything makes sense now!
  • The Prophecy
  • As he traveled back, he realized that he, himself, was the man he was looking for. When he enters his home, he heard from the servant that the queen has locked herself in a room. But when the room was opened they found her dead.
  • The queen finally understood what was happening before Oedipus realized. She could not hold on to the pain from what happened so she decided to kill herself.
  • After that event, he blinded himself because if he dies, he could not risk to see his parents in hell. He instructed Creon, the new king of Thebes, to banish him from the city. He then left the city of Thebes with his eldest daughter in despair and tragedy.