Updated: 10/4/2021

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  • Shiva and Shakti, were an ambitious modern couple, accomplished in their respective fields. Both of them loved their jobs and had worked hard to get where they were.
  • One and a half years later, Shakti gave birth to their child. It was a moment to rejoice.
  • Hey honey, I'm going to be home pretty late today... I have a loads of work!
  • Look at our Ganesha! We love him so much! We'll always be there for him!
  • Hey darling... I have to attend a few calls myself, see you later.
  • They had no idea what lay ahead...
  • Who's gonna pick up these clothes for God's sake!
  • Please sleep! How much more time will you take T?
  • As the prime caregiver for Ganesha, 'manager' of household chores, Shakti struggled balancing her high-profile job with her personal life. Shiva on the other hand ...
  • Where's the nanny? She should be home by now!
  • Hmm.... how do I close this deal? Why bother now, I'll think about it after watching the match tonight...
  • Dishes, shopping, vaccines, cooking... OH NO MY MEETING! I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT IT!!!
  • Later that night...
  • What do you mean what did I do? I did EVERYTHING! Ganesha, dishes, shopping. ALL THAT AND MY JOB!
  • What did you do??
  • What could have possibly gone wrong???
  • But you should have asked... I would have helped
  • Shiva and Shakti, strike a balance
  • Really Shiva? I have to tell you? It's our life, you should be equally responsible!