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Updated: 9/30/2021
Unknown Story

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  • May 14, 1607
  • 1607
  • I found no gold!
  • Me too! And im hungry, really hungry.
  • January, 1608
  • Im cold, and hungry.
  • work or no food!
  • 1607, the colonists just arrived with 104 men after being sent by the Virginia Comoany of London. They arrived and landed up the Chesapeake Bay of the James river.
  • September, 1608
  • Mined for gold instead of farming, causing problems of starvation and didn't even find gold.
  • 1610
  • Im sick and going back to England, you both are now incharge- Lord de lar warr
  • Through finding no gold, never farming which caused hunger, eventually on 38 men were left.
  • 1614
  • After the colony slowely dieing, John smith took over and is making every man work or you cant eat.
  • John Smith went back to England so Lord de lar warr took over but fell ill quickly and left Sir Thomas Gates and Sir Thomas Dale in charge.
  • Sir Thomas Gates and Sir thomas Dale create laws between them and the Powhatan. EVentually John Rolfe falls in love with Pocohantus and the create better relations with eachother.