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Traveler on Silk Road
Updated: 4/27/2020
Traveler on Silk Road
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  • One day, a traveler was journeying along the ancient Silk Road. Although the landscape was harsh and empty, the traveler wondered what kind of people they might encounter along the way.
  • I've heard that sometimes people meet sages along this road...
  • First, the traveler crossed paths with a disciple of Confucius
  • Confucius said the word shu means "Do not impose upon others what you yourself do not desire". Be kind to other people and be mindful of your own words and actions. Avoid violent nature in order to achieve a more perfect, peaceful society
  • What words of advice do you have for me?
  • Soon after, the traveler met a practitioner of Daoism
  • What words of advice do you have for me?
  • In the Daodejing it says, "The teaching that uses no words, the benefit of resorting to no action, these are beyond the understanding of all but a very few in this world." If you follow the dao, or way, you will find balance and understand the meaning of this message, and then you will be able to live in harmony with nature.
  • Next, the traveler came across an adherent of Buddhism
  • Through each reincarnation of yourself, recognize the four noble truths, follow the eight fold path, and meditate, you can achieve enlightenment. Once you achieve this, you will reach nirvana, union with the universe, you will be released from the cycle of rebirth
  • What words of advice do you have for me?
  • Finally, the traveler spoke with a soldier in the Qin army who had been indoctrinated into legalism
  • What words of advice do you have for me?
  • People are not born good, and therefore are not good by nature, which means they cannot be trusted. Strict rules must be put into place and you must follow them without question in order to maintain order. Harsh punishments must be carried out for anyone who tries to oppose these laws, otherwise a civil society will never be achieved. So I suggest you abide the code for the benefit of our society.
  • After the traveler had met all of these different people, they rested and pondered the advice each sage had given them.
  • I will take each person's advice to heart and try to incorporate each one when I can, that way I carry a little bit of each belief with me!
  • Each person spoke passionately about their beliefs, so each one must be important and hold some sort of key that gives insight on how people must act in order for both person and society to be the best it can be.
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