the outsiders
Updated: 12/14/2020
the outsiders

Storyboard Text

  • Ch1
  • Ponyboy, the narrator, leaves the movie theater where he is jumped by a group of socs. His greaser friends come to save him, and we meet each of the greaser characters.
  • The greasers went to the drive in and they sat behind two girls. Darry is rude but Johnny and Ponyboy get to know the girls. Ponyboy and Cherry talk about the sunset.
  • ch2
  • johnny and Ponyboy walk the girls home until the socs show up. Johnny and Ponyboy walk to the empty lot where they fall asleep. Pony rushes home and Darry hits him, causing Pony to run away from home. 
  • ch3
  • ch4
  • The socs jump ponyboy and johnny. They tried to drown the pony, so johnny stabbed Bob as self defence. They go to Dally for help, and then they hop a train out of town.
  • ch5
  • Ponyboy and Johnny hide out in the abandoned church on Jay Mountain. They read a book to pass time and talk about the poem as they watch the sunrise. Darry comes to check on them and brings news from home.
  • ch6
  • The church catches on fire. Some missing kids are in the burning building so ponyboy and johnny save the kids. The greasers get hurt, go to the hospital, and Johnny gets badly injured.
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