Updated: 3/23/2021

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  • Ordinary World
  • Call to adventure
  • Meeting the mentor
  • I didn't know chocolate bars had names.
  • Are you strapped to a chocolate bar?
  • No, I am the chocolate bar. Hi, I'm Max.
  • It's a sensitive matter, alright? Sniff...
  • Sophie Walker is bored. Not just today, every day. With no siblings, no friends because she's home-schooled and never interacts with any other kids, and on top of that, her parents are hardly ever around.
  • Tests, allies and enemies
  • Giant Lemon, you may be bigger than me, but you shall never be more sour than me, teehee.
  • Just when Sophie's given up all hope that her life will ever be interesting, it get's interesting. On a walk through the creepy forest near her house in the countryside, Sophie finds an ancient looking, wooden chest. It's like someone saying "Don't push the big read button." So, of course, she opens it.
  • Supreme Ordeal
  • Sophie landed in a far away land: Candy Land. In Candy Land, not everything was perfect. For one, everyone got toothaches all the time from all that candy. Not to mention their Queen looked like a piece of candy, but, oh boy, she wasn't sweet... 
  • Return
  • Sophie entered a long, dreary, dim, endlessly long, hallway. At the end of the hallway stood a woman. In a jar of candy. Insulting a mega lemon. Sophie did what anyone would do. She backed away slowly towards the door.
  • When Sophie had finally escaped from the room with the mega lemon and crazy lady, she tripped backwards and tumbled downstairs. To the basement... In the basement, after she'd gathered her thoughts, Sophie saw a rather large wooden box. Slowly, carefully, she opened it. Inside were slips of paper. At first glance they appeared blank, but slowly, letters appeared. They were secrets, secrets about people she knew.
  • Finally got away from that crazy lemon lady... wait... what's this?
  • Sophie suddenly found herself in her kitchen, alone. Sophie knew that there was some reason she had been on that adventure. Then, it was like a light bulb went off in her brain, she knew the reason. Sophie had always thought of no one being there for her, no one to talk to or play with, but there were people there for her all along. She found out that when she thought people were being selfish, she was actually the one being selfish.
  • Finally! I'm home!