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XQ-13 Gets Lost on Earth
Updated: 10/9/2020
XQ-13 Gets Lost on Earth
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Storyboard Description

XQ-13 is a normal Grezdorf from the planet Hyperrune. He wakes up one day to realize that he's in a different world. Figure out how he overcomes this pickle of a situation!

Storyboard Text

  • Lost in a Different World
  • An Unlikely Abode
  • Who is that?
  • XQ-13 the Grezdorf wakes up in the middle of an empty road, wondering where he was. He looks around and sees no-one, all his Grezdorf friends usually are around him.
  • A Place to Stay
  • XQ-13 looks around for any sightings of his kind, but there's no-one. He finds a strange looking building, which he approaches. He knocks on the door, but to no avail. He starts to get nervous.
  • A Way Out
  • Doctor Jim is about to leave for a long day's work, when someone knocks on his front door. He lives by himself and rarely has any guests around this time, so he peers through the windows. He notices a green alien knocking his door, and wonders what to do.
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Doctor Jim overcomes his fears and invites XQ-13 into his home. XQ-13 explains his situation and Doctor Jim, who is very considerate and thoughtful, allows XQ-13 to stay for a few days in his basement. He is delighted, as his planet's bunkers look just like this, and gladly accepts.
  • XQ-13 notices a lot of scraps and other junk laying around in Doctor Jim's basement. He remembers his dad teaching him how to make a probe that will send him back to his planet using inter-dimensional teleportation. He waits for Doctor Jim to leave for work and begins his construction.
  • Once XQ-13 finishes his design, he immediately sets off for his home planet Hyperrune. He spends three days travelling the galaxy but finds his way. His dad drops to the ground in relief, while his friends are confused yet incredibly happy. XQ-13 has nothing to worry about again. and merrily beings showing them his creation that brought him home.
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