charlie and the chocolate factoy

Updated: 1/8/2021
charlie and the chocolate factoy

Storyboard Text

  • mmmm i can smell the chocolote
  • Mr. Willy Wonka will send out five golden tickets whoever finds it will get to go to the Chocolate Factory!
  • Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Charlie would always pass the one and only Mr. Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. and could smell the chocolate when passes.
  • When Charlie herd he really wanted to go. But the bad thing was he could not afford any chocolate bars. Charlie was sad but his birthday was coming up and he will get a chocolate bar. he is hoping he gets the golden ticket
  • When Charlie got his chocolate he had no luck but on his way getting news papers he found a dollar on the ground and went to the nearest shop and went to buy chocolate first chocolate nothing but the second he found the ticket!
  • Charlie got the ticket! So as other kids they went to the converter belt the makes the chocolate and moves it. The converter belt only raps up the chocolate it does not make it.
  • A kid went to the chocolate lake and fell into it! He was getting sucked into a tube all the way to fudge mountain . so the kids went to go find him.
  • Charlie had a nice day and got a truck load of chocolate to take home. But ended up owning the chocolate factory!!!!