old times and stuff Pt 1
Updated: 2/4/2021
old times and stuff Pt 1

Storyboard Text

  • Why are we leaving
  • We no longer have money and our crops aren't growing
  • We need food and money
  • We need reform and equal power
  • Calm down everyone
  • We will MAKE the king sign this new constitution
  • Bad harvest sent food prices soaring, many peasants did not have enough to eat. This caused french farmers to become unemployed.
  • Rush them, they cant stop us all
  • This meeting at the estates general helped to throw king louis out of power with the different estates needing different things.
  • We need food
  • A group of men representing the 98% of french people Came together to make a new constitution for equality among the people, the king shortened the food supply.
  • Gentlemen, I am innocent of everything of which I am accused. I hope that my blood may cement the good fortune of the French.
  • When the king tried to stop the National assembly it led to a mob and civilians rushed the Bastille to steal weapons.
  • When unemployment and hunger increased, people started a march on october 5, 1789 to the palace for food.
  • King Louis Refused the republic so he was tried for treason and killed.