J Williams Unit 2 benchmark 1-Explorers:James Cook
Updated: 2/18/2020
J Williams Unit 2 benchmark 1-Explorers:James Cook

Storyboard Text

  • When Captain James Cook arrived
  • Why did they come back ?
  • Captain James Cook vs Hawaiian people
  • When cook and his crew got to Hawaii the people welcomed them and they were very fascinated in that way Captain James Cook and his crew used metal. The Hawaii people thought that they were some god because they came during an very important ceremony worshiping A god so they thought the Europeans was gods.So Captain James Cook and his crew stayed there longer.
  • When one of Captain James Cooks men died the Hawaiian's had doubts that the Europeans were gods.A few months after they set sail back on their journey their was a bad storm and it damaged the ship a lot so they had no choice but to go back to Hawaii.When they came back the Hawaiian people started to really start doubting if their really gods and more and more Hawaiian's started thinking the same thing.
  • One day one of Captain James Cook ship went missing and he thought it was the Hawaiian's so he took their chief hostage for his ship back.And since he didn't get it their chief was killed and that started a war some of the Hawaiian's started attacking Captain James Cook and he killed them.After a little while he got hurt as he was telling his men to stop firing he got stabbed in the back and without his orders he crew fired.