Updated: 2/10/2020

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  • The Kickapoo Tribe
  • The Removal
  • Fleeing to Spanish Texas
  • The Kickapoo Native American tribe lived in Missouri and Illinois
  • The Kickapoo Buffer
  • Asked to move west because Andrew Jackson and the whites wanted the land for farming, cotton and expansion
  • Forced Out
  • The Kickapoo went to Spanish Texas to get away from the Americans, but the Texans drove them out. This pushed most of the Kickapoo towards Mexico.
  • The Kickapoos Today
  • Because the Kickapoos agreed to act as a buffer between the Mexicans and the Texans, the Mexican government gave the Kickapoos a land grant. This meant that they could stay in one place and not have the worry about Andrew Jackson and the Americans.
  • After many years of buffering for the Mexicans, the Kickapoos were conquered and forced out of their new land by the United States Army because of the Indian Removal Act. When the army succeeded, they forced the Kickapoos into Oklahoma.
  • Today, the Kickapoo tribes live on reservations in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and Mexico. The tribes in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas have treaties with the United States for their land.