Updated: 12/20/2019
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  • The Truth
  • My lord... I do too... *yeet*
  • I still love you tho...
  • Betrayal
  • I got the clothes now I got the girl
  • The Run
  • I must leave this place forever
  • The wife asked her husband about his 3 day absences and tells her he's a werewolf and that he kills people and in order to turn back he needs his clothes.
  • The Hunt
  • Oh my goodness a rational minded werewolf :)
  • The wife was bewildered about the news so she sent a knight that loved her for a long time and accepted to take the clothes to prevent the her husband to turn back.
  • The Party
  • MY NOSE!!!
  • Bisclavret the werewolf, found out about the horrid betrayal and was fuming with anger and ran away for years on end with not a word known about him.
  • Banishment
  • Well at least you didn't lose your job..
  • I'm unrecognizable !
  • Until...A King goes hunting in the forest and discovers a wolf that apeared rational to the King and is followed back to the castle where he was brought in, slowly forming an intimite relationship with eacthother.
  • Handsome man...
  • The King held a grand feast, inviting many noble men and Knights including Bisclavret's ex wife with her husband. Enraged with revenge, Bisclavret bites her nose off.
  • om nom
  • After being tortured, the woman reveals that she betrayed Bisclavret and gave the location of his clothes and is banished from the Country, forever cursed with the noseless family
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