ELA Lyddie Mini Project
Updated: 1/15/2021
ELA Lyddie Mini Project

Storyboard Text

  • Person v. Nature
  • Person v. Society
  • Person v. Self
  • BANG!
  • CRACK!
  • "Lyddie glared straight into the bear's eyes, daring him to step forward into the cabin...No, she tried to breathe deeply and evenly and keep her eyes fixed on those of the beast" Pg: 2
  • "...they were looking at her- at her cloths especially. At first she was mortified but the longer they rode the angrier she became. How rude they were, these so- called gentry." Pg: 48
  • "Creation! What a noise! Clatter and clack, great shuddering moans, groans, creaks and rattles. The shrieks and whistles of huge leather belts on wheels...but as unlike as a nightmare." Pg:62