La danza de los millones
Updated: 6/6/2020
La danza de los millones

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  • Hi, I'm Catalina, today I´m going to tell you about "la danza de los millones".
  • La danza de los millones is known as the period of the 20 century in the Colombian history.
  • Where Colombia received 25 million dollars for the loss of Panama
  • After Panama separated from Colombia, it was signedan agreement: the Thomson-Urrutia Treaty in1921, between the United States and theColombian government.
  • It sounds well, but it wasn't a gift, it was a loan. It was a deceptive mood of prosperity.
  • The worst thing was that the money didn't stay in the country and most of people didn't get their benefits.
  • But there wer some good things, as the Kemmer mission (National Bank LawLaw to oversee the banksStamp law and tax lawLaw of the Comptroller and law to control the national budget).
  • Improvement in the communications: telephone, postal services, and the railway. Advances in livestock and coffee crops. Better buildings and public spaces as slaughterhouses, schools, markets and streets.