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WED comic- Science Mrs.Canga
Updated: 3/26/2020
WED comic- Science Mrs.Canga
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  • Hi, I’m a rock. I’m not very popular around here because I’m smaller than most people. I also go through something called weathering. Which can be annoying at times. Sometimes weathering makes me even smaller!
  • There are 2 types of weathering; physical and chemical, and they both affect me. Physical weathering is the process that breaks down rocks with changing our chemical makeup. Physical weathering happens if there is abrasion, ice wedging, roots growing in cracks, animals burrowing in rocks, and a change in temperature. Like you can see behind me, the ice is breaking down into sediments.
  • Chemical weathering is the change in a rock’s minerals. Chemical weathering is most commonly caused by oxidation, hydrolysis, and carbonation. Rust is forming on the rocks behind me, this is called oxidation.
  • Now that’s not all. Not only do I have to go through weathering, but then sometimes wind and gravity causes me to fly or move in the air to another place. This is called erosion. Like I mentioned before, it is most commonly caused by wind and gravity. However, sometimes flying can be fun.
  • When I finally settle down somewhere, this is called deposition. Like right now, my broken sediment has settled at the delta somewhere in California I think. I really like the view from here.
  • By: Anya Palsson P1
  • I hoped you enjoyed seeing the common life of a rock like me!
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