Maushop and the Wampanoags
Updated: 2/12/2021
Maushop and the Wampanoags

Storyboard Description

By: Miles Lajoie

Storyboard Text

  • Yay!
  • Where is Grandfather Sun?
  • I will help you!
  • Maushop help! Grandfather Sun is gone.
  • Grandfather Sun was the light. He was the sun and source of light for the Native Americans.
  • Why are you not staying during the day?
  • Because I feel lonely they do not talk to me I just sit in the sky alone!
  • But one day Grandfather Sun didn't come. They waited for days but he still wouldn't come.
  • He feels lonely, talk to him, and thank him.
  • We will do that. Thank you Maushop.
  • Maushop the giant would always be there to help The People of the First Light. They called Maushop to help bring back the sun. They wanted there children to see light!
  • Hello Grandfather Sun!
  • Maushop tried many times to speak to Grandfather Sun but he wouldn't stay to listen. So Maushop caught him and asked him what was happening. Grandfather Sun explained that he felt lonely because they ignored him and didn't talk to him.
  • Maushop realized he has failed to tell them how to be nice and talk to Grandfather Sun. He told the people to talk to the Sun and thank him at the end of the day.
  • Now they greet and give thanks to Grandfather Sun. Thanks to Maushop who was turned into a great white whale by the creator.