the new school
Updated: 2/15/2021
the new school

Storyboard Text

  • mia wake up change and take brake fast and afther her mom is taking her to her new school she is starting segondary schoolshe is very nervus.
  • she arive tho the school she cam in and she saw her best friend maude,the two girls are going tho the lucker tho put there thing in, the bell ring they have tho go tho there first period.
  • the two girls are going on there firsht period they have tho go up staire mia is in the staire and her best friend maude put her foot in front of the foot of mia mia fell anre she is relly confuse.
  • the brake is finish its the second period the girls are going on the clsse they sit and the teatcher sed tho the girls tat they re in the wrong classe the grils are relly ambarust anad the go th there good classe
  • its lunch time the two girls are going in the cafet tho take there lunch the girl sit and mia is opening her lunch box and she saw tat every thik in her lunch box is open she as noting tho eat now she is verry sad
  • mia is taking her bus and she is going home she is very happy that her day is finish she is sad that her first day was horiblole bot she is excited for her segond day of segondary school