great depression
Updated: 3/11/2020
great depression

Storyboard Text

  • I was wondering if you remember what the first three months Franklin d Roosevelt presidency was called?
  • why are you taking that out of the trash can?
  • were you alive during the great depression ?
  • ugh your such a conservative
  • why would you let it go to waste?
  • yes I was why?
  • yes I do it was called the first 100 days
  • i saw that you had a patch that said liberal wasn't that also a thing in the great depression
  • hey i heard someone talking about an ideology what is that?
  • dang its really hot out here its like a desertification
  • it was a thing during the great depression
  • yes it was
  • its basically a set of beliefs and values that form the speical econmic
  • I mean it could be we are in a desert
  • i remember that during the great depression there were public works
  • not to be rude but it looks like you were in the black blizzard
  • did you know that it was construction funded by thegovermnet
  • you are really a deficit spender
  • no I didn't but thank you for telling me
  • you know whats funny I get that alot and no I was just walking through some mud
  • look at that it looks like the breadline from the great depression hahah yes it does
  • there must have been a depopulation somewhere
  • do you think it could become a dust bowl
  • yeah I mean for real its hot
  • can I barrow some money
  • did you know that there was a parity during the great depression
  • yeah thanks for letting me teach you about the great depression I really enjoyed it
  • yeah it helped farmers
  • your welcome I had fun